Fall: Action and Stillness


I went out with my camera yesterday and just took pictures of life in autumn. The action and stillness. Whatever looked interesting.

I didn’t do much editing on these, which is normal for me. Actually, I probably edited these more than usual. The second one is probably edited the most- I took out the telephone pole (those just bug me!), mailbox, and something else I didn’t quite like. Then I probably brightened it. Otherwise, I touched up someone’s face a little in one, and brightened some, but that is the extent of my editing on these. I just don’t like to always do it… I mean, it’s fun for me, but I like my pictures to be more authentic, I guess. Maybe I just want people to know the quality of my picture without me making it look better than I did on it. Just me.

fall action…


fall stillness…


I loooovvvee this one! The splashes of fall color in the background, the soft bokeh, how wide the spectrum is, but still focusing on the ring… If I ever photograph a wedding\engagement in the far future, I will enjoy THIS. My ring has been photographed in a lot of my pictures, because I just enjoy it. 🙂


I hope you found my random fall photos worth the viewing! I’d love to hear which one you like most!



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