November Stars

I went outside tonight with my camera. A beautiful night. Calm, cool… but not at all cold. Clearest sky- not a cloud. Stars, thousands of them. And for the second time, I explored star photography. This time my pictures turned out a thousand times more beautiful than before! My other attempt at star photography is posted at Looking Through My Lens, here.


My first pictures tonight weren’t very good. Then I finally got it down, somehow. Some of the first ones had a more orange coloring, but when I turned the White Balance to incandescent, it gave it this blue tint. So lovely.


Just look at it! It’s like God tossed some sparkling, white- and blue- fire glitter into the sky! 😉


I had this idea to take some selfies in against the stary sky. None of them turned out very nice (my hair didn’t help that :P), but I thought I’d put one on, just for fun. 😉


Slow shutter speeds make the night WAY brighter than it is! And the stars you can see in these picture- they aren’t as visible in real life. In this picture above, I edited out the telephone wires. They just BUG ME. Typical. This picture, and the one above it are the only ones that I edited.


Hope you enjoyed the stars on the first night of November 2016! 🙂





2 thoughts on “November Stars

  1. AHHHHH Natasha these pictures are amazing!!!!!!! I love them so much (especially the second one and the picture of you looking at the sky….SO AMAZING!!) Wonderful job!


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