Beauty of Black and White

Black and white pictures can be so beautiful! There’s just something about them. They quiet down a picture, make it look more… refined? Plus, if the color isn’t right, or maybe the color of someone’s clothes don’t match, black and white will fix that. It also seems to back a slightly blurry picture look less so.

Here are some pictures I made black and white, and a few tips.


Pictures with a lot of contrast are perfect for black and white.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This one’s kind of the same middle gray, but there is the bright lining on the horse that make it have more contrast… thus a nice black and white. πŸ™‚


Pictures with interesting shapes and angles, such as architecture, are great as well… things that are interesting because of their shape or texture. But with a picture that emphasizes color, such as a field of flowers or a sunset would not make a good black and white because the value of the picture is the color.

KODAK Digital Still Camera1lKODAK Digital Still Camera1d15

Close-up, such as portraits and other things look good in black and white. This is probably because there are less small details than say, a huge group of people, and things don’t blend in as easily.

11vKODAK Digital Still Camera11411111111111

Simplicity is good in black and white too. Just quiet and simple. πŸ™‚


Many times nature doesn’t seem good in black and white- it can be too busy and rely on color.Β But there are nature pictures that do look good- they just have to have something interesting that doesn’t need color. And it can’t blend in. The picture above has a crumbled brick wall or something, as well as bare tree limbs… and enough contrast. You just have to look at the picture and decide if it’s nice in black and white.

Here’s an example. This first nature picture isn’t a good black and white picture. It’s way too busy and needs color to distinguish different flowers in the picture. But the picture on the left is a perfectly acceptable black and white. It’s close- up and has some interesting shape.


These two pictures have reflection. Doesn’t need color to look pretty. πŸ™‚

1ggKODAK Digital Still Camera

And this one has interesting shapes and enough contrast, with the snow-lined branches.

There are ways you can make a good black and white picture better too. If it is a little too much the same shade, add more contrast. (you can go toΒ Picmonkey, click edit, and go to “exposure” to change contrast).

Or you can take a picture that’d make a boring black and white picture, and add more contrast… boom! It’s lovely! πŸ˜‰

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, and got something out of my amateur tips! πŸ˜‰



5 thoughts on “Beauty of Black and White

  1. AHHH Natasha!!! Beautiful pictures!! That one of the sea-gull you messed with (yay for PicMonkey! =)) caught my eye even before I read this post (I saw it on the collage you put on your blog) and then I clicked on the picture…..wooooaah, girl. You are seriously talented. Seriously.


  2. Lovely pictures all around, Natasha. I love black and white…and there were some really neat pictures. And I totally agree that some pictures don’t look as nice in black and white.


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