Practicing with Two Children

The other day I practiced taking pictures with more than one kid. If you know anything about multiple child photography… than you probably know this can be kind of challenging. I’ve had experience- whew! Almost makes me go insane.


However, two kids isn’t quite as bad. I didn’t feel too successful while I was taking pictures, but I got a surprising amount of nice ones. At least semi-nice. 😉


I’m actually quite happy with the lighting in these pictures here. 🙂 I couldn’t tell that it looked this nice while I was taking them…



This would’ve been a really nice picture if she wasn’t making a face. ;P


Aww… 🙂


Here’s some of the goofy pictures. ;P The cheesy fake smiles, moving around… yea. One of them goes running in the “wrong” direction and I’m like “NO, we’re going over here!” 😉 They were pretty good though, considering. And they were “rewarded” with hot chocolate when we went inside- it was a cold day!

I hope you enjoyed these! I’d love to hear about your experiences with “multiple child photography”!

(these pictures have minimal editing, and some have none. I could make them look better but… I’m keeping it real. 😉 )



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