Simple Photography Tips: Separating Components in the Picture

Hey, I decided to drop in for another Simple Photography Tips post! Though I’m no expert, I still find if fun to give tips from my limited knowledge.

I’ll just show you my point today, instead of trying to tell…


This is a picture I took recently on a wet, overcast day. I do think it looks pretty nice. However, see how the fence posts kinda line up with the horizon? It might be better if we separated them.

So I bent down a little and took another picture.


Now the fence and horizon are separated. This is just an example of separating parts of a picture. I think it would actually be better if I stood on tip-toes and made the field rise higher than the fence… you know?

Another example would be if you were taking a picture of a person, and there was a tree in the distance right in line with their head. Take a step to the side!  It will look much better that way. 😉

That’s all for now!


note: photos have been edited some

Simple Photography Tips: Editing Examples


Just a few simple edits can really improve an image. I find editing pictures fun- it’s interesting to see how much better you can make your picture look.

This is a picture of a river I took recently. To edit, I sharpened it a bit, “painted” on the Orton effect, and added a tiny bit of black and white to dull the color some. I think that is all I did.


click the images to see up close

And this one…


I’m not going to name all the things I did for this one, but I made it look like it was starting to get dark, along with dulling the colors and sharpening the picture. 😉


There’s so much you can do with editing. My experience is just experimental though… I’m no expert (lots of “exp’s there ;P). If you’re interested in knowing, I used Picmonkey for these. That’s the editing site I usually use, but I’ve tried ipiccy too. I love the little ornamental overlays on ippicy, plus I believe using the clone tool is free. But I don’t know if I can put my logo on my pictures with it… Picmonkey is better in that way. 😉

Here’s a more fun edit.


I cropped, sharpened, added contrast… and maybe added some black in white. It gives it a kind of old-fashioned look.


I don’t know how much of a “simple photography tip” this is, since knowing how to edit pictures won’t make you a good photographer. But it works, right? 😉



Simple Photography Tips: Appealing Subject placement

Hey all! I am going to do the first of a series (hopefully) of simple photography tips.

This one is on how to place your subject in an appealing area of your photo. I’m using a picture of a bee I took the other day. I was quite excited to get it, because bees are fun to photograph, and since my camera can’t zoom very far… well, it’s probably a little harder to take pictures of those little moving things. *smiles*

DSC_0227 - Copy

So this is the picture. It is nicely focused and exposed. However, it’s also centered, which is not the most appealing place for most photos. Usually it is better to use the rule of thirds, or the golden spiral techniques, where you put the subject off to the side (see links for more specifications).

So after I crop the image, it looks MUCH better, don’t you agree?


WORLDS better, I’d say. 😉 And despite bringing the subject in closer through cropping, it still looks clear.

So if you don’t get the subject placement right in camera, you may be able to crop to improve it.

So, simple photography tip! Hope it was helpful to anyone who didn’t already know this! 🙂




Spring is here! I have pictures for evidence. *winks*

natannhan 153natannhan 075natannhan 079

I like the depth I got here. ^ 🙂

natannhan 108natannhan 163

Our dog chased a raccoon up a tree. I was excited to get pictures. 😉

natannhan 051natannhan 053

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures! 🙂



Random Photos…

Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken for my photography class…

Natasha 02zzzzzz (5)

I really like this one- my teacher has commended me for it. 😉 It follows the rule of thirds, with pretty good composition. The lighting was awesome for this picture, and the wind adds some dramaticness.

zzzzzz (6)

Side lighting

Natasha 01

Back lighting. Fellow photographers, you’ve been lied to- you don’t always have to have the light behind you. ;P

Natasha 06Natasha 07

This one’s a little overexposed, but I still like it. 🙂


Hope this was enjoyable! 🙂